Cooking courses for teenagers
in Barcelona's, Spain. La Boqueria market


Begin to learn how to cook while getting to know other cultures.

Barcelona’s La Boqueria market now offers Cooking Courses for teenagers, so they can learn how to cook and so they can discover, observe and experiment with food. We want to spread the word about our cooking, both Catalan and Spanish.

The idea is also to transmit the whole cultural experience of eating and give kids the wherewithal to become independent, by making their own food.

We prepare them to be discerning, curious, interested and aware of eating and above all to gain a knowledge of gastronomic culture.

“If they become curious and interested today, tomorrow they’ll know how to feed themselves healthily and well.”

The teenagers will shop in the market, get to know what a huge range of food products is available and learn to recognise good quality. In the kitchen they go through every stage of a recipe, paying particular attention to safety.

We introduce them to using the stove, learning to recognise when the food is cooked or underdone and open up the whole range of different foods that can be worked with and eaten.

And above all we make it fun, explaining where the different foods come from, what they are like, their varieties, when they are in season and so on.

On every course the young people go through each stage, beginning with the shopping and ending up eating.

Each class will go through the whole process from market place to the table. It will arouse a host of sensations, usually pleasing, sometimes a bit disgusting, never too daring but always essential. We’ll show the importance of safety and knowing about the kitchen and food.

The young people will do the shopping, prepare the food, cook it, serve it and then eat everything they have made.




  • Preserving and disseminating a gastronomic heritage
  • Learning about our food products
  • Practise using the five senses; creating recipes and combining taste, smell, colour and textures.
  • Choosing, handling and preparing food is a key learning process which means the young people start acquiring healthy habits as well as being more self-sufficient when it comes to making their own food.

Summary of the activity

  • Welcome
  • Brief explanation of the featured recipes
  • Preparing the shopping list
  • Visiting different stalls in the market
  • Discovering products and their varieties
  • Getting the necessary products for the recipes
  • Return to classroom
  • Making the dishes
  • Serving the food
  • Aperitif (eating what we’ve cooked)
  • Clearing up
  • Final conclusions: reviewing and chatting about the experience etc.
  • Writing up the recipe in your new recipe book
  • Closing and goodbye


Length of activity: about 2 hours and 3h with the visit of the market
Course leader: Eulàlia Fargas
Tel: +34 616976893
Note: It is essential to book in advance. The booking will be confirmed by making a bank transfer for the total cost of the course.
Price (for one): 14€ for just a snack or 24€ for a full meal or 24€ guided tour of the market which include a snack
Where: Aula de Cuina (Kitchen workshop) in La Boqueria market (3rd floor, Market office building, at rear)



TOPICS. Schools can choose day and topic


The changing seasons: flavours, textures, aromas.

We’ll make fruit desserts according to what’s in season at the time.

We’ll prepare appetisers. The changing seasons.

Different ways of cooking vegetables.
FISH The anatomy of a fish: we’ll gut and bone sardines, then cook them in breadcrumbs.

The meat of various animals, its colour, smell and texture.

We’ll cook chicken with aubergines.
EGGS Eggs from different fowl, their quality and colour. Everyone will make their own omelette so as to learn a simple method that’s easy to do. Potato or vegetable omelette, or plain omelette. The classic recipe.
PASTA A range of quick, easy-to-make sauces. How to boil pasta. Everyday cooking.
OTHER CULTURES Different cultures and flavours of the Mediterranean. We’ll use the same ingredients but in the style of different countries.
TAPAS Traditional food in small portions. Our classic snacks, or for times when we’re not very hungry. We’ll make 6 different tapas.
PAELLA Spain’s most typical dish. Every region of the country has its own recipe for this rice dish. We’ll make a paella with fish and meat.
And extra 2€ will be charged per person